Mysterious Object Is Spotted In The Skies Of Oregon

Oregon residents made awkward videos

Strange objects were seen flying in the skies above Oregon. Residents caught the whole thing on camera.

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The National Weather Service said it was debris from Falcon 9. However, they said it was a meteor.

Watch the following videos and tell us what you think.

The National Weather Service has a report:

ABC 2 News covered the story:

People in the Pacific Northwest were stunned, thrilled and maybe a little frightened Thursday night as they witnessed some mysterious objects in the sky.

Reports from people seeing the objects came in from everywhere in the Northwest and at least as far north as Seattle. Many people reported seeing it around 9 p.m.

What precisely the object, or objects, was has not been confirmed, but the National Weather Service in Seattle said it may have been debris from a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that did not have a successful “deorbit burn.”

That theory has been backed up by Dr. Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at the center for astrophysics, Harvard & Smithsonian.

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