My New Interview With Bo Polny: Yes, Trump Returns! Bitcoin To $200,000 THIS Year!

Bo Polny is here again!

A lot of people have been asking the same question over and over again. They all want to hear Polny talk. The man knows a lot of things and Americans respect him.

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Polny appeared on The Daily Truth Report, and talked about so many different topics. He follows every process in the nation, including Donald Trump’s rise to fame.

Polny talked about all the things that happened on April 23-26, May, and the upcoming events in June and July. This great man has been talking about these events since November, 2020. The whole thing that started in April will end in July. You will love every bit of Polny’s story.

Kat Kerr has already covered some of these topics.

Polny didn’t know a thing about Kerr’s comments. He shared an amazing story about his encounter with Kerr. They met at an airport!

When asked about the comments Pastor Hank Kunneman made on May 26, Polny said he didn’t know a thing. He watched the video and almost tripped over.

We have already received two confirmations.

Are you worried about Bitcoin? It trades at $38,000 after going to $60,000.

What does Polny say about this? “No doubt in my mind it goes to $200,000… THIS year!”


Polny talked about Bitcoin, but he prefers a few other coins. They have a higher percentage returns, but Bitcoin is the most popular.

Amazing Bo also shared his thoughts on silver. According to him, once we hit $30, we will easily go up to $100.

Here’s the cherry on top. Polny explained that Donald Trump will return sooner than expected. We won’t have to wait until 2024.

Watch the video on Rumble.

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