MUST-WATCH: Wisconsin Election Officials Confessed Telling Election Officials To Break The Law Prior To The 2020 Election!

Liz Harrison, Trump communication director this Tuesday, tweeted about the criminal conduct by the Wisconsin Election Commission in the 2020 election.

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The WEC allowed the nursing homes to steal votes from the patients for Biden. The Dems are capable of stealing everything only to battle a win! Rules aren’t for them!

The election commission official confessed that he broke the rules prior to the 2020 election. His confession is recorded in the video below:

The Wisconsin election commission voted 5-1 to rule nursing homes to break the rules, and it was shared one hour before the vote.

WEC’s Ann Jacobs scoffed at concerns family members should be notified ballots would be sent straight to nursing homes.

“Don’t you want the families to know what’s going on here?” Families realized the fraud later.
Only one commissioner was worried about breaking this law.

‘’The thing I’m afraid of is possible fraud in nursing homes…where you have whomever filling out these ballots…I think that’s a problem.”

That is what happened!

Wisconsin election commission knew they were breaking the law, and they did it anyway.

WEC shared that Special voting deputies had to visit nursing homes and witnessed by Dem and GOP observers.

The law stops absentee ballots from being mailed to nursing homes without SVD visits.

WEC shared that they knew the nursing home staff helped the patients with ballots, even though it meant breaking the law. Once the crime. The staff was the ones who filled out ballots for them.

“The other thing we did was told municipalities they didn’t have to follow the state law when they were going to propose closing a polling place…

“We need to go back to following the law but…”

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