MUST WATCH: The Mysterious Video Sequences

He’s back, he’s dynamic, and he’s up to something really good for sure!

He’s always saying something without even speaking a single word.

He undoubtedly is the man “between the sentences.”

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A riddle, wrapped in millions of unsolvable mysteries.

And, once again, Dan decided to share secret, private, and hidden videos, which send a powerful message. Deeply about the real situation at the moment, and the “Trump saga.”

He doesn’t want to tell – he wants you to see the same thing for yourself.

Number 1 – a sudden attack


Number 2 – a stealth whale approaching a boat

Number 3 – a stealth warplane majestically maneuvering in the open sky

Is he announcing President Trump’s stealth comeback?

What is your point of view?

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Source: The True Defender

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