Most Reported U.S. Omicron Cases Have Hit The Fully Vaccinated –CDC

Most of the 43 Omicron cases in the USA were fully vaccinated, and one-third have got the booster dose.

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The US CDC reported that 43 cases were Omicron infected, and 34 have been fully vaccinated, and 14 have got the booster dose. The numbers are still small; there is a growing concern that C-19 vaccines don’t protect against transmissible mutation.

Omicron of the C-19 has been found in 22 countries, and it was initially found in Southern Africa.

Among the infected people, 25 were aged 18-39, 14 had traveled internationally, and six had previously had coronavirus.

Most of them experienced mild symptoms, coughing, congestion, fatigue, only one person was hospitalized for two days,

The CDC stated that many cases reported mild symptoms, a lag between infection and severe outcomes.

Symptoms are expected to be mild for vaccinated and for those with natural immunity.

The Delta variant accounts for 99% of all U.S. cases, but South Africa reported that Omicron is highly transmissible.

Lab studies stated that Omicron mutation would blunt the protective power of the Pfizer vaccine, although the booster dose can restore the protection.

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