MORE Names Revealed In Epstein’s ‘Black Book’

Epstein is in the news again…

The Maxwell trial unfolds behind closed doors, but some people are still able to get the right information. Sources close to the trial confirm that Alec Baldwin and Rupert Murdoch were included in Epstein’s “black book.” Ever heard of it?

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We are not trying to suggest that these two were involved in Epstein’s shady activities. They were just in his book. Maybe there was a financial connection between these three…

Liberals said Donald Trump was involved in the same thing. This doesn’t mean he was involved in Epstein’s “business.”

You can follow one of the file trackers here.

Patriot One’s Substack page reported this:

Thursday’s court proceedings would conclude with Alessi identifying several individuals present in photos with Epstein that were on display inside the Palm Beach Mansion.

Juan stated, “Photos of Epstein with important people… Donald Trump, The Pope, Fidel Castro, I think.” Alessi also stated he had been questioned by police after receiving $6,300 from Epstein but was not arrested.

Juan recalled signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement when working for Maxwell and Epstein, a common tactic implored by abusers in efforts to convince the victim of illegitimate legal understandings (as, by law, an NDA cannot apply to information relating to an illegal activity in any way).

Daily Mail has photos of Epstein’s private property:

Epstein had a Hawker Siddeley 125, a Gulfstream G2B, a helicopter and a Boeing 727 dubbed the ‘Lolita Express’ amid claims he used it to fly underage girls around the world.

That plane, which is more than 130ft long, was fitted with an office dubbed ‘the red room’ because of its furniture, a master bedroom with a queen-sized bed, a lounge area with a large round sofa, and a ‘full decked-out’ kitchen.

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