MORE Busloads Of National Guard Troops Arriving In D.C. (February)

Here is the continuation of a story already talked about.

Everyone will assume now when Biden is “President” the National Guard troops should be removed and returned to their homes.

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But, it does not happen – the opposite turns out.

Here is the latest, from February 1:


Although some of them are being removed, others are heading down. They should stay till February 23.

Why is this happening?

Why is the Supreme Court allowing this?

Is this America everyone knows?

700 National Guard members have been order to head down from the Massachusetts National Guard to support the Secret Service in DC.

See it here:

Confirmed here:

From Boston25 News:

“Members of the Massachusetts National Guard will be providing assistance in Washington D.C. beginning this week at the request of the Department of Defense, National Guard Bureau, and the Secret Service.

On Monday, Governor Charlie Baker signed an order approving up to 700 personnel for the mission.

These guard members will be joined by members from other states.

They will be traveling this week and are expected to return on February 23.

The personnel involved in the mission are different from the 500 soldiers who returned home over the weekend after supporting inauguration events.”

Watch this for more details.

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And here:

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