Monique Morley Claims She Suffered A Heart Attack Following Pfizer Jab

It will only get worse…

At least 75 European Athletes have suffered a heart attack or died in the last five months. A lot of people shared their awful experience with the jabs against COVID-19.

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The mainstream media keeps saying that these jabs are safe. They normalize heart attacks in young kids.

They ignore the events related to the coronavirus jabs.

The latest situation revolves around Monique Morley. You know, the star from the popular television series “The Bachelor.”

Morley says she suffered a heart attack after getting the Pfizer vaccine.

Daily Mail reported this:

Ms Morley said the ambulance workers who arrived at her home once again told her the symptoms were unrelated to the Pfizer vaccine, and that she continued to experience chest pain and shortness of breath.

She then allegedly woke up the next day at 4.30am having ‘a heart attack’.

She was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac-like tissue that surrounds the heart, which holds it in place and helps it function.

NBC and other outlets still say that these cases are really rare:

Overall, there were 2 cases of myocarditis for every 100,000 people who were vaccinated. The rate was highest among male patients ages 16 to 29, with nearly 11 cases of myocarditis per 100,000 vaccinated people.

The authors noted that the rate in Israel was higher than in the U.S., where the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gather the data, most likely because of how the data were collected.

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