MN Hospital Announces Murder: Mercy Hospital Doctors Plan To Kill Scott Quiner

This Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, Anne Quiner shared her husband’s situation. Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids, Minnesota “cares’ for Scott Quiner, Anne’s husband.

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Scott was hospitalized at Mercy Hospital after coming down with a case of C-19. After the protocol, the hospital had placed him on a ventilator in the vascular care unit.

She acknowledged that she needed to sign papers releasing the hospital from liability and agreeing to place her husband in a comfort care unit. It sounds good until you consider that it may disconnect Scott from the ventilator.

Anne Quinter didn’t want to sign the hospital papers, and she returned the next day to see what the hospital would do. The hospital would remove her husband from a ventilator even though they didn’t have consent from his wife.

The doctors involved in this situation, Dr. Else and Dr. Soucie, mocked the doctor that gave Anne the prescription, calling him a fool.

Slyly, Dr. Soucie told Anne that “had her husband been vaccinated, this would not be an issue.”

According to the hospital, Anne can’t do anything to save her husband, who will be disconnected this Thursday; that is tomorrow by the time you read this.

We tell the readers and viewers to call the hospital’s phone lines and do everything in their power and stop the hospital from disconnecting Anne’s husband.

This is the contact:

Mercy Hospital
4050 Coon Rapids Blvd
Coon Rapids MN 55433
Main line: 763-236-6000

Scott Quiner is in the Heart and Vascular Center
Their number is 763-236-8800
Heather is the Care Coordinator: 763-236-8321


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