Mitt Romney Has Been Warned by Steve Bannon

Everyone is sick of Mitt Romney’s treason, even Steve Bannon. However, it was Romney’s recent stunt that angry Bannon, provoking him to warn him seriously!

Mitt gushed about Biden to CNN’s Jake Tapper, such a scumbag!

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We know that you know this, but still, we have to repeat it! Romney’s a politician. He doesn’t care if he will serve or represent the Utah voters who brought him where he is.

He continues to talk about Trump behind his back, showing how small and insecure he is.

Bannon was frustrated, and he warned Mitt: ‘’We’re coming after you harder….’’

Below you can read what Bannon said:

“Romney’s father avoided the draft. Romney avoided the draft to Vietnam, but he gave a protest, pro-Vietnam, at Stanford before he hid behind being a Mormon missionary and fled to France and avoided the draft… All five boys all look like movie stars.

Not one served a day in the military. Not one. OK? This is what the elites do. They talk a big game. They deride patriots. No. This is a fight for democracy. Anyone patriot that was on the deck plates in Arizona has 1,000 times more patriotism, and grit, and dedication to this country, to the hundreds of thousands of patriot grades that we have all over the world in defense of liberty for the common man throughout the world than the entire Romney family combined.

For him to sit there on CNN and mock and ridicule Rudy Giuliani? Sir, Rudy Giuliani has more patriotism in his finger than you have in all your family lineage. OK? Romney particularly irks me because he’s such a disgusting hypocrite. He sits there and mocks Rudy and plays into all the mainstream media. It’s all fantasy. It’s a big lie. No sir!

Once again, these people around President Trump President Trump endorsed him because he was talked into it by these clowns around him. We could have had a real challenge in Utah. There’s no need for Romney to be in the Senate. No need whatsoever for Romney to be in the Senate.”

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