Minute After Livestream Starts, Biden Says “I’m Just Waiting For Them To Tell When We Get Going”

‘’President’’ Biden cannot manage our County! He can’t even handle one single Livestream!

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In front of the cameras today, Biden started joking with the people around him.

Do you know why?

Because he wasn’t even aware that his Livestream started!

‘’The Joke’’ was:  ”I’m Just Waiting For Them To Tell When We Get Going.”

Oh, I can’t even imagine what would have happened if Trump has said this sentence! The mainstream media would have called on doctors to do a cognitive assessment.

However, this is a typical Biden blunder, and it doesn’t even alarm anyone.

I think that it should sound the alarm. He was supposed to be the U.S. ‘’leader.’’

Moreover, what you have seen so far is the first blunder, but wait, there was a second one.

Biden couldn’t read the teleprompter.

Trump barely used them; he always improvised his speech.

But, there is a huge difference between Trump and Biden.

Trump’s mental sharpness and quick-wittedness made his speeches honest and candid. But, the case with Biden is entirely different. There, everything has to be scripted.

Apparently, our ‘’President’’ can’t read the script off a teleprompter.

Recently, Biden has more press conferences, which isn’t his characteristic. So, yesterday he had another one.
Even after so many public appearances, Biden still fills them with miss-steps.

However, at some points, he told the truth.

Precisely this is true: Biden admitted that his policies allowed the businesses to hire only part-time people. OMG! Companies can employ people part-time, not full-time.

Furthermore, yesterday Biden struggled to read the teleprompter, again! Also, he attempted to improvise his speech the same way Trump did, but he got trapped in the web of his thoughts.

For example, can you understand a word he says in the video below?

The entire speech is messy.

Luckily, Republican governors are united and will fight against Biden’s policies!

The New York Post shared that five GOP governors reject Biden’s economic policies because they are destructive.

​Five Republican governors are turning down the $300 in enhanced unemployment benefits that are part of President Biden’s coronavirus relief plan to encourage their jobless workers to return to work.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said the expanded jobless benefits were helpful to states when unemployment rates were running sky high during the worst of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

“But now our economy has come back, we have jobs aplenty, we have employers that are begging workers to come to their place of business,” he said Tuesday on CNN’s “New Day.”

“We cannot pay extra compensations for workers to stay home — we need them in the place of employment,” he said, adding​,​​ ​”If they need assistance in finding a job, we’ll provide that to them. If they need child care assistance, we have more than ample resources to assist in that, as well.”

Hutchinson​, who’s pulling out of the supplemental benefits on June 26,​ said the added benefits were “simply an impediment” to Arkansas residents who want to work.

​He’s among a quintet of governors — ​including Tate Reeves of Mississippi, Greg Gianforte of Montana, Henry McMaster of South Carolina, and Kay Ivey of Alabama — who have come to similar conclusions.

In a Twitter post on Monday, Reeves’s comments about the jobless benefits echoed Hutchinson’s.

After talking with small business owners and their employees, he said it “became clear” that the expanded benefits “may have been necessary in May of last year but are no longer so in May of this year.”

He said Mississippi would opt out beginning on June 12.

“​It has become clear to me that we cannot have a full economic recovery until we get the thousands of available jobs in our state filled​,” he said in the posting. ​

The 266,000 jobs created in April, which came in well below expectations of 1 million, ​pushed up the unemployment rate to 6.1 percent and caused Biden administration officials and economists across the country to fear that an economic rebound from the pandemic was stalling.

It was especially troublesome after March’s strong report that saw 777,000 jobs added.

Republicans blamed the jobless benefits making it more lucrative for the unemployed to stay home rather than return to work. ​

The world cannot stay in lockdowns forever!

The U.S has to return to work! But, the Americans cannot do that because Biden’s policies don’t allow it!

Biden’s economic policies are DESTRUCTIVE!

Luckily people aren’t asleep anymore!

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