Millions Taking To The Streets Over Jab Passports In Europe But Big Media Is Hiding It [VIDEO]

They won’t be able to censor millions of people

Democrats may try to push their narrative, but it won’t work. People are fed up with their mandates. Videos show that millions of people have taken the streets to oppose the regimen.

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Fox News’ Tucker Carlson discussed this in one of his most recent episodes.

Carlson talked to legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek about COVID mandates. The host also talked about the fact that the media won’t say a word about mass protests.

Vlaardingerbroek said that millions of people have taken the streets to fight for their medical freedom.

Passports were first introduced as a way to prove that someone has received the jab. Vlaardingerbroek said that the same QR code is also used to grant us everyday amenities. How will Europe handle these protests?

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Source: Red Voice Media

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