Mike Pence’s Latest Move Got MAGA Scratching Their Heads…

Mike Pence seems to always straddle the line between a friend and a foe.

Yet, it looks like he has become a “foe” of MAGA. That’s the reason Trump supporters are very puzzled by his new move.

Is he unaware that the huge MAGA crowd considers him as “Judas”, or he knows that and really doesn’t care?

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Mike’s behavior and motivations during his four years in office have been questioned by many people, particularly when it came to Trump’s second impeachment trial, where it was speculated that Pence was in favor of it.

And we can all remember the election debacle in which he knowingly didn’t use his influence to help Trump and his supporters.

Many people labeled this as the ultimate backstabbing move.

Despite this, he seems to be persistent with his search for supreme strength…

The White House will be filled in the year 2024.

His plan for a major speech in South Carolina indicates that he has plans to run in 2024, after publishing an insulting op-ed, cluelessly describing himself as the “election reform” man.

And MAGA fans, who have no doubts that they don’t want Mike to win, found themselves completely surprised.

The former Vice President Pence will make his first public speech since late April when he left his office. As told by the Associated Press, he is arranged to speak to a private audience for the Palmetto Family Council, a Christian group in South Carolina.

The speech could be the clearest indicator until now that Pence is exploring a presidential run in 2024 and his primary target are Christian conservatives. It is expected for South Carolina to be one of the first states to vote in the 2024 presidential primary, but the order in which it will vote is undisclosed.

The former Vice President is scheduled to speak to a crowd of 400 to 650 people at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center on April 29. He will underline Trump’s policy successes, introducing himself as a realistic option for Republican voters who are searching for a “polite” 2024 nominee.

He left office on shaky ground with Trump’s political base. Some of them suspected him of having ties to the old Republican establishment and others accused him of believing that as President of the Senate, the Vice President might overturn the presidential election outcome. Pence rejected speaking at CPAC, in the middle of claims that his friendship with former President Trump has been resurrected.

In case the former president does not run in the 2024 presidential election, according to polling Pence will be in the center of the pack, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis falling behind him.

It’s not atypical of a former vice president to run for president, but considering the situations that surround Pence and how much MAGA despises him, this move seems weird.

In case Pence runs, and Trump runs too, it’ll be interesting to witness how would his attacks on his former employer look like.

Mike likely doesn’t stand a chance either way.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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