Mike Lindell On Jimmy Kimmel Live?

Mike Lindell got his chance

Some would say Jimmy Kimmel is really intolerable. But, you don’t want to miss the exchange between him and Lindell. Guess what… Lindell made it interesting.

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Kimmel was talking on his show about bringing Lindell as a guest.

Kimmel said, “We’ll do the interview in bed surrounded by pillows. Just me and Mike snuggled up side by side in a California king surrounded by goosefeathers.”

Lindell is really smart and we like him.

Try not to miss Kimmel’s expression at the end.

Get it, Lindell! It is time to walk into the lion’s den. Outsmart that jackass!

Let’s not forget that at least 20 retailers banned and canceled Lindell for his support for Donald Trump. Give this man your support.

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Source: WeLoveTrump

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