Mike Lindell: “Everyone’s Going To See This Miracle Unfold…To Be Released On Friday!”

Mike Lindell is the owner of My Pillow.  He is a man to be remembered and written about in the history books alongside Sidney Powell, Gen. Flynn, Patrick Byrne, even President Donald J. Trump.

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He was invited to an interview with Newsmax but it did not turn out as a success. The reporter Bob Sellers ended it quickly as Lindell started speaking about the election fraud occurring the election from 2020. Story here.

Later, he did have an interview with Glenn Beck where he had been offered the chance to speak what he loved in the way he liked.

A three-hour documentary is put together by Lindell revealing the evidence he has gather so far about the voter fraud.

He even mentions that this revealing is going to be seen by everyone and points out that it is going to be a miracle nobody will ignore.

The documentary is dropping on Friday Feb 5, 2021.

“If you knew what I know you would be so confident right now.” – he says, triggering everyone to watch it.

This interview is titled: Mike Lindell of My Pillow Discussing His View of Current Events on Truth Unveiled with Paul Oebel on the Faith Unveiled Network. Link is youtu(dot)be/KY6zF9E3DIY

“Mike Lindell, the owner of My Pillow has direct contact with the President of the USA. He will be sharing his story of how he became friends with, and still communicates with The President. He’ll also give us his view of where we’re at today.”

Please enjoy this one….

From Rumble:

And from GabTV:

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