Mike Lindell Debuts “Absolute Proof” Documentary Detailing The Stolen Election! [VIDEO HERE]

In the following documentary, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell provides “absolute proof” that the election was stolen!

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Every turning point in history brings its own challenges and hardships. However, I believe these are some of the darkest times in American history.

When democracy is replaced by deceit, lies, and fraud, society needs a dramatic and immediate change. Now, there is a two-hour “absolute proof” that the election was stolen!

We all knew it, but an expert now explains it all in detail, so the truth can no longer be ignored!

Lindell, who still continues to call Trump ‘the real president’, explains that the documentary was created over five days under former Navy SEAL security.

So, it’s time to rise, stand up, and speak out!

A stolen election mustn’t be accepted!

It’s not okay, not for us, not for the future generations, and it’s devastating for the entire nation!

After it was uploaded to Vimeo, the video was deleted within minutes!

Fortunately, it is now up safely on Rumble.

In interviews, Lindell called the movie ‘the most important documentary you ever [will] watch in history.’

Watch it below and make sure you share it with your friends:

Join Our Telegram channel here: https://t.me/TheTrueReporter

Source: thetruedefender.com

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