Migrants Transported To Rio Grande By A Human Smuggler

A smuggle with a pickup truck in which he transported the migrants to the Rio Grande participated in pursuit in South Texas.

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Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol officers caught five migrants in the truck sinking into the riverbank. The driver runs away to Mexico.

McAllen Station Border Patrol agents received a report of unusual illegal activity near Mission Texas. The event happened on Friday afternoon, as the Rio Grande officials stated. As they arrived at the crime scene, the officers witnessed numerous suspected illegal immigrants trying to fill two cars.

The driver of a tan Ford pickup run away from the place once he noticed the agents. At that time, the agents started a vehicle pursuit, and shortly after its start, the driver stopped, and nine migrants left the vehicle. The driver also left the car and ran away on foot in a house nearby. One group of Border Patrol took the migrants.

The rest of the agents went for the driver since he directed himself towards the Rio Grande.
On his way to the target place, the tan Ford pickup truck plunged into the river with five more migrants inside. The agents only observed the driver how he got out of the vehicle and started swimming towards Mexico. Five migrants touched the land of the US side of the Rio Grande, and the agents took them into custody.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office deputies picked up the pursuit of the other truck that smuggled migrants. The driver again escaped.

In conclusion, the agents and the deputies managed to ruin two attempts of smuggling migrants and apprehended eighteen migrants. The truck drivers managed to escape.

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