MIGRANTS Rushing To The Southern Border! Why??

The concentration of migrants at the southern border is increasing. It results from the changes in Mexican asylum laws and modification to U.S. immigration policy.

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Exploitation by smugglers is just another reason in the row for this unpleasant event.

Biden administration is responsible for this action because it suspended the “remain in Mexico” program. They allowed asylum seekers to get into the USA.

Mexico used laws banning migrants from returning; smugglers in Guatemala exploit people by telling them that the administration has a better approach towards asylum seekers.

Smugglers tell their clients that Biden gives the green light for them. They look at this as a potential business. Biden administration promised to end Trump’s Migrant era Protection Protocols (MPP).

Minimum 25 migrants that wait for asylum entered the U.S. and received notices to go in court as part of their process. They have pending MPP cards, and they should enter to enter San Diego.
Those migrants who seek asylum in El Paso and Brownsville should enter the two Texas ports starting this week.

“Remain in Mexico” program includes 70,000 migrants. It started in January 2019.

Numerous cases are rejected and dismissed because they are ineligible to return to the USA.

The USA officials constantly advise the migrants possessing pending MPP cards not to visit the border but to register at the U.N. website and follow the updates.

According to Mexican law that came into force in November 2020, children cannot stay in Mexican immigration facilities, but they will be in government buildings. Mexican government won’t accept children after the facilities are filled.

The new policy was inadequately applied. Many people stayed on the streets, and some of them returned.  As the authorities say, the Biden administration gives its best to enlarge those buildings’ capacity in Mexico.

Besides, Mexico accepts single adults, but not children or whole families. Also, ICE released family units claiming asylum because the agencies have very modern equipment regarding the coronavirus situation to follow their claims through the courts.

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