Might Be Time For Hillary Clinton To Panic As Durham Prepares To Drop Another Bomb

John Durham is serious about this

Last week, we confirmed that Special Counsel Durham indicted Hillary Clinton’s campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for lying federal agents at the very beginning of the investigation into the Trump-Russia probe.

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Former Department of Justice Chief of Staff Kash Patel reveals the mind-blowing theory he came up with. According to Patel, the probe into Hillary’s campaign developed a “very well laid-out conspiracy charge” against people involved in the process.

“I was the lead investigator for [House Homeland Security Committee] Chairman Devin Nunes, driving the Russia investigation on Capitol Hill, and I was actually the staffer that took the deposition that cited Durham’s indictment, so, I’m intimately familiar with this,” Patel said.

“[Michael] Sussman is the centerpiece for these allegations because he ties the Hillary Clinton campaign to Fusion GPS to Christopher Steele to the Department of Justice and the false information they fed to the FBI and DOJ to spy on the presidential campaign,” he continued.

“It’s exactly the heart of the matter being a former federal prosecutor. It’s a 27-page indictment for a lying count that you normally have about five pages to discuss. It is a very well laid-out conspiracy charge that outlines other figures involved that I just mentioned,” Patel concluded.

This happened right after Sussman faced a single felony count of making a false statement during the meeting with FBI General Counsel James Baker. Durham and his team say that he lied during the meeting.

“During the meeting, Sussmann lied about the capacity in which he was providing the allegations to the FBI,” the indictment stated, according to NBC News. “Specifically, Sussmann stated falsely that he was not doing his work on the aforementioned allegations ‘for any client,’ which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that Sussmann was acting as a good citizen merely passing along information, not as a paid advocate or political operative.”

“In fact, Sussmann acted on behalf of specific clients, namely a U.S. Technology Industry Executive, a U.S. Internet Company and the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign,” it added, going on to say that the lie was material because it misled the FBI “about the political nature of his work.”

Sussman’s legal team claims that he has never made these comments. Let’s see how will things unfold in the near future.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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