Michigan Elected Official Laughs About Rush Limbaugh’s Death

Amanda Fisk shocks the nation with ugly comments on Rush Limbaugh’s death

The Michigan village president thought it would be appropriate if she jokes about the death of the talk radio icon. Residents are far from happy with the situation, and they want accountability.

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Fisk took to her social media to share a news report on Limbaugh’s death, and her description was really disrespectful.


Fisk tried to excuse her comments, suggesting that “her words are in no way affiliated with staff or the village itself.”

“I’m not a public figure of the township,” she added.

Fisk also asked critics to stop sharing her comments.

“Honestly, that’s not the way you represent a community,” Amanda Pullen, whose father, Charles Pullen, was Fisk’s predecessor, told the news station.

“I mean, you’re in the public eye no matter what.”

Keara Hilton started an online petition calling for Fisk’s resignation. She was diagnosed with cancer, too.

“Personally, I’m not a fan of Rush Limbaugh,” Hilton told WOOD TV. “I don’t listen to him and what I have read and heard, he’s not someone that I would support.”

The petition attracted the attention of thousands of people.

“It’s just disheartening that a human can actually say that and be excited about the death of another human,” Middleville resident Lisa Forcia said, according to WOOD TV.

Fisk deleted the post, but social media users have screenshots of her shocking comments.

“If you’re not patriotic enough to call @POTUS out for his bullshit the other 364 days a year, or wear a mask to the store, or give a shit about black lives or brown kids in cages or poverty wages or homelessness, you’re not patriotic enough to cry about 9/11,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Remember those 3,000 lives quietly if you must but do it quietly without jerking off over the ‘greatest country in the world,’” Fisk said.

In January, Fisk addressed residents critical of the 10:00 p.m. curfew for restaurants, bars, and other venues.

“I know it’s super funny to act like the virus is more contagious after 10 pm’ and trust me, I’m laughing VERY hard at your HILARIOUS joke, but here’s the thing: y’all are irresponsible and ‘forgetful’ after a couple of drinks,” Fisk wrote on Facebook.

“The virus doesn’t get more contagious after 10, you and your idiot friends just get dumber,” she declared.

“You’ve been shown to be unable to follow basic guidelines while sober, and we certainly cannot trust you while intoxicated. Thus, a curfew,” she continued, concluding, “Ya did it to yourselves. So stfu (shut the fuck up) already.”

Fisk was elected in January. The village will have a meeting Tuesday, February 23, via Zoom, and it will also include members of the public.

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Source: Breitbart


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