Michelle Obama Shamelessly Uses Colorado Shooting To Push Her Own Agenda

She used the mass shooting to fuel her own gun control agenda

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On Tuesday, former First Lady Michelle Obama shamelessly politicized the mass shooting that left ten dead at a grocery store in Boulder, Colorado.

“I’m heartbroken by these recent tragedies of gun violence, and I just keep thinking about all the leaders who won’t take a stand to save lives and yet line up to pass bills that make it harder for us to vote. 

The #ForThePeopleAct is a chance to reaffirm that in America, the power rests with the people,” she added. “It’s our best chance in a generation to protect and strengthen our democracy. So I hope you’ll join me and the @WhenWeAllVote team in supporting this bill.”

Her husband, former President Barack Obama, used the opportunity to politicize the shooting for his gun control agenda as well.

In a Twitter post, he said:

“It will take time to root out the disaffection, racism, and misogyny that fuels so many of these senseless acts of violence. But we can make it harder for those with hate in their hearts to buy weapons of war.

 We can overcome opposition by cowardly politicians and the pressure of a gun lobby that opposes any limit on the ability of anyone to assemble an arsenal. We can, and we must. A once-in-a-century pandemic cannot be the only thing that slows mass shootings in this country.”

All of this comes at the same time when Biden uses the shooting to call for a ban on “assault weapons.”

On Tuesday, he stated:

“I don’t need to wait another minute, let alone an hour, to take common-sense steps that will save the lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to act.”

He added that both he and his wife Jill Biden are “devastated” by the shooting, and that he “just can’t imagine how the families are feeling – the victims whose futures were stolen from them.”

He said:

“As president, I’m going to use all the resources at my disposal to keep the American people safe.” 

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