Megyn Kelly Just Destroyed Dr. Fauci and Put Him Right Back in His Place

Megyn Kelly is being more “red-pilled.”

Megyn Kelly, a podcaster and former Fox host, bombed Dr. Fauci on Monday after his statement that he couldn’t offer “exact dates” on when indoor weddings would be possible.

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This man is getting comical.

In the meantime, we servants have stood aside and witnessed elite politicians and luxurious Hollywood stars enjoy themselves at French restaurants and Grammy parties. Even more, our borders are wide open, allowing everyone passing through to get infected.

But in some nations, “we the people” are forbidden to host a wedding or a barbecue for our friends and family?

Dr. Fauci is accused by many people of “making stuff up” as he goes along, which has put him really bad situation lately.

We’re getting contradictory information on vaccinations and masks, and many people have an opinion that Fauci is more “political” than “scientific.”

Megyn Kelly, for one, is fed up by the “Fauci double-talk,” and she told him so…loud and clear.

She posted a Twitter video of Fauci discussing indoor weddings, together with a message for him.

After he was asked when people should plan indoor weddings, Fauci answered, “I can’t give you an exact date.”

“I’m not sure who misled you on this, sir, but you don’t rule us,” she responded.

For a long period, millions of American citizens have been wondering, saying, and crying about what Megyn Kelly just said.

The one-year anniversary of “15 days to pause the spread” is coming, and it looks like there is no end in sight.

We’re given new information about vaccinations on daily basis – and how, even if we do get vaccinated, we’ll never be “ok.”

They told us not to wear masks, then they told us to wear one, and now, nearly a year later, they are saying: “Oops, sorry, make that two masks…”

And still, this puzzling parody goes on, though American people lose their faith, their lives, and their businesses.

This man does not rule us, as Megyn specifies, yet for the past year he has…and it is about time to change that.

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