Meghan Markle Deleted Her 2014 Blog…But The Internet Is Forever And Her Posts Prove She Lied

Meghan Markle lied

Markle did a controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey. It wasn’t as controversial as her lies. The entire world was shocked. Markle and Harry accused the Royal Family of racism.

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Well, Markle’s 2014 blog has a different story to tell. Of course, she deleted it in effort to cover up her story.

Markle told Oprah that she had never thought of marrying a prince. Well, guess what…  Markle was obsessed with the idea of marrying a prince.

The actress also said she knew “very little” about the Royals and Harry. Yes, we all heard her. Markle claims she had never googled her husband. We didn’t bite that one.

Markle did tell Winfrey that she knew of the Royals. We know she did. She was some sort of a stalker.

Will someone tell Markle that the Internet is forever. She deleted the blog, but people have screenshots. People remember everything.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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