Meghan Markle And Princess Diana Each “Wanted Something From The Queen” But Never Got It, Royal Expert Says

Everyone can understand Princess Di’s situation, except Meghan!

Matthew Dennison, a royal author, claimed that both Meghan Marke and Princess Di wanted something from Queen Elizabeth but didn’t get it.

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“The Queen doesn’t talk about her own feelings, and she doesn’t encourage others to talk about their feelings either,” Dennison explained to The Mirror. “Diana had meeting after meeting with the Queen, who ultimately felt it was the same conversation happening over and over again. Diana never forgot who her mother-in-law was and that provided a barrier that was not of the Queen’s making.”

“I don’t know if Meghan was overawed in that sense because Meghan was a grown woman with experience of life when she joined the royal family whereas Diana was a young girl,” he continued. “But I think both women wanted something from the Queen that they didn’t get.”

The royal author continued explaining the relationship between the Queen and children/ grandchildren.

“The Queen’s relationship with her grandchildren and great-grandchildren seems to be unaffectedly happy,” he stated. “They clearly do have great respect for her as the Queen, and they know that she’s not necessarily the same as everyone else’s granny, but it seems a genuinely warm and affectionate relationship.”

“They all adore their grandmother,” Dennison added. “She’s a brilliant grandmother and great-grandmother, and it’s not distorted by her role as a monarch.”

According to Dension, the Queen (95) will never abdicate.

“The Queen told her cousin Margaret Rhodes that she wouldn’t abdicate unless she had Alzheimer’s or a stroke. That was clearly a true statement then, and I think it’s probably true now,” he added. “She’s always been consistent. There are family issues at the moment, but most of her family are fully supporting her.”

“While this continues to be true and her health remains good, she will go on,” Dennison said. “If the senior advisers all said, ‘Ma’am, I wonder…’ she might listen, but she doesn’t regard monarchy as a job, rather as something more special.”

The royal author also said that the Queen wanted her son Prince Charles to become the king!

“The Queen thinks – and Philip did, too – that the most important thing they’ve given to their children is this idea of service,” he said. “It’s amazing what Prince Charles has done, and I think his monarchy will resemble his mother’s because he shares her feelings about it as something special.”

“When we’re young, we don’t care what we do as long as it’s different to our parents, but he’s had long enough to grow through that and reflect on the model of his parents,” Dennison concluded.

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