Meghan And Harry Are “Rattled”: Queen Just Fired A “Warning Shot”

Royal experts are reportedly warning Harry to stop speaking out against the Royal Family.

After the death of her husband, this 95-year-old woman now has to fight her ungrateful grandson and his wicked wife…

It is reported that Queen Elizabeth has ditched her famous “never complain, never explain” after a series of claims being made by her grandson Harry and Meghan Markle.

Things are getting serious.

When asked if Harry was nervous over his 95-year-old grandmother’s “warning shot,” royal expert Charlotte Griffiths said:

 “How can he not be? When the Queen lays down the law you’ve got to be a bit rattled.”

Griffiths said that Harry knows everything about the way the Royal life works, and added:

 “Meghan maybe didn’t and he should have explained it to her. He’s been here for many years…he knows how the game works better than anyone.”

It’s been a couple of years now and they still don’t seem to get but they just don’t, they’re just so American about everything. It’s a different ball game, they’re going to have to learn.”

Royal expert Robert Jobson said that now, after everything Harry and Meghan have said, the Queen is willing to speak out to fight any inaccurate claims that are made about her:

“The situation is born out of the Meghan and Harry situation with all those statements that were made. Many of them turned out not to be true where the Archbishop of Canterbury having to correct some of the statements made on that Oprah interview.

I think because they’re on the outside and they’ve got their lawyers and spokespeople, the palace really has to come out. If they are saying things that are wrong and getting things wrong and misrepresenting the Queen, they want to make sure that isn’t the case.”

This all results from the controversy over whether Harry and Meghan asked the Queen for permission to name their daughter Lilibet after her.

The couple claims they indeed asked Her, but the Queen has fired back by saying that this is not true.

BBC royal correspondent Jonny Dymond tweeted:

 “Palace source tells BBC that the Queen was not asked by Meghan and Harry over the use of her childhood nickname; reports suggested Harry had sought permission from Queen to call the newborn ‘Lilibet’, but Palace source says the Queen was ‘never asked’.”



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