Meet The New “George Soros” – A Secret “Superpower” For Leftwing Networks…You Won’t Believe Who She Actually Is…

The new George Soros is a disaster compared to the old one.

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If you are among the people who wait for the day when George Soros will stop support the left-wing groups and candidates in the U.S., then I will disappoint you! Those days won’t come. The new George Soros is a woman, and she’s a busy bee funding various types of lefty groups and activism.

Breitbart shared that the New Soros is Laurene Powell Jobs. Vox described her as ‘’one of the world’s most important philanthropists.’’

If you don’t know who Laurene Powell Jobs is, she’s the widow of Apple founder and billionaire Steve Jobs. Behind the left-wing media outlets network, we can find the secret superpower, Laurene. According to Forbes, she’s among the top ten richest women in the world ($16 billion).

The money comes from family stakes in the two biggest companies: Apple and Disney!

However, it isn’t everything that bad! We know what she’s up to, and we know her power. What we don’t like is the fact that she’s mighty and sneaky!

Many journalists tried to investigate Jobs’ growing political influence. But, one of them wrote a book about it called ‘’Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruptions.”

Below you can read part of it.

If there’s a well-known persona comparable to Laurene Powell Jobs, it’s Hungarian billionaire George Soros. Soros is branded a “philanthropist,” but he also functions as a one-person piggy bank for the globalist far-left. Much like Soros’ Open Society Foundations, the main vehicle for Jobs’ influence is Emerson Collective (EC), the philanthropic outfit she founded and leads. The Emerson Collective, according to Forbes, is “a hybrid philanthropic and investing limited liability company.” That’s a pretty murky description, which appears to allow them to engage in business and charity without ever being terribly explicit about which is which. I’m not sure which of the two categories it falls under, but EC also happens to own the Atlantic.

‘’Last Transparent Mega-giver.’’

Laurene is probably hiding something, which means that some shady things are included.

The big GEM in the media is the Atlantic, where the biggest fake stories of the election cycle are published.

‘’Suckers and Losers’’ was the narration that alleged Trump denigrated the American soldiers who died in combat.

Also, the most suspicious thing was the timing of the piece; Atlantic was accused of ‘’coordinating’’ with the Biden presidential campaign.

Nevertheless, now we know who’s behind the Atlantics, and now everything makes sense.

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