Meet America’s Newest NFL Team, The Pittsburgh Nazis! Unvaccinated Players Wear Yellow Wristbands In Practice

The NFL won’t stop here

NFL teams keep making headlines and things won’t change in the upcoming season. The NFL has new COVID-19 guidelines. Some players don’t like the new rules, and several coaches have already said a big “NO.” The NFL is making a difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated players.

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Unvaccinated NFL players will be slaves in 2021. Players who don’t want to receive the experimental jab will become slaves. Simple as that.

Several players and coaches protested against the new guidelines. We believe this number will go much higher than this.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Leonard Fournette is one of them. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Cole Beasley has something to say about the new guidelines too.

Several NFL teams are complicit with the idea of treating unvaccinated players as slaves.

The Pittsburgh Nazis belong to this group. Yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers like the new rules. They have already announced that unvaccinated players will have to wear yellow wristbands in practice. This is inhumane. It’s interesting to note that the Steelers have a high vaccination rate among players. However, the team management decided to target unvaccinated players.

This is just the beginning of this tyranny.

Pro Football Talk reported the following:

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a high vaccination rate among players. Those who have yet to get the shot will stick out like a proverbial sore thumb.

Per the team, Steelers players who haven’t been vaccinated will be wearing yellow wristbands at practice.

The Steelers have been among the most successful at getting players to choose to take the vaccine. That’s a testament to the persuasive powers of coach Mike Tomlin, who realizes the competitive advantage of getting it — and disadvantage of not getting it.

It won’t be a surprise if, come September, every player remaining on the roster has gotten it.

Do we really need to add that the Steelers aren’t the only NFL team to support the Nazi system? The Tampa Bay Buccaneers force vaccinated players to wear red wristbands in practice.

NFL union president JC Tretter blasted the NFL for this decision, noting that NFLPA doesn’t agree with the new guidelines.

Forbes wrote the following:

After the NFL released a memo last week ramping up pressure on players to get inoculated and allowed teams to use wristbands during practice to distinguish the vaccinated from unvaccinated, NFL Players Association president and Browns center JC Tretter lashed out at the league Monday, stating that the union was against the use of color-coded wristbands.

“We did not agree to them,” Tretter wrote Monday on the union’s website about the wristbands, adding the NFLPA feels they are “unnecessary.”

The defending champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who opened training camp on Sunday, said vaccinated players will wear red wristbands during practice, while players who have not received their shot will wear yellow wristbands, according to NBC Sports.

League protocols dictate that vaccinated players enjoy privileges such as not having to wear face masks, while unvaccinated players are required to wear face coverings and remain socially distanced from teammates.

In a controversial memo released last week, the NFL did not provide specific guidance as to how clubs should identify vaccinated and unvaccinated players at practice and in their facilities, deferring that decision to individual teams.

We are not even surprised to see the Bucs implementing the rule. We also know that a few other NFL teams will do the same. Players will have to get used to the Nazi behavior. The worst has yet to come and we don’t even want to think about it.

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