Medical Journal Labels “Whiteness” A “Malignant, Parasitic-Like Condition” And There Is “Not Yet A Permanent Cure”

It’s a nutjob

Articles released in the Journal of American Psychoanalytic Association label “whiteness” a “malignant, parasitic-like condition that’s nearly impossible to eliminate.”

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Moss said there’s “not yet a permanent cure.

Donald Moss signed the article. He has written extensively on masculinity and whiteness.

We can easily say Donald Moss is just a nutcase in disguise.

Here’s what Newsweek reported:

A research article published last month in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association called whiteness “a malignant, parasitic-like condition.” That description, along with other language in the article, has caused public anger, and the backlash against the author was evident on social media.

The article, titled On Having Whiteness, was written by Dr. Donald Moss, a white man who is a faculty member of both the New York Psychoanalytic Institute and the San Francisco Center for Psychoanalysis.

In the article, Moss wrote that “‘white’ people have a particular susceptibility” to the “parasitic” condition, which he claims “renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable, and perverse.” He explained he believed whiteness establishes “entitled dominion” that enables the “host” to have “power without limit, force without restriction, violence without mercy,” and increases one’s drive to “terrorize.”

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Source: The Gateway Pundit


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