Media Immediately Stops Covering Ted Cruz Story After He Puts On Andrew Cuomo Mask

The cold snap trapped senator Ted Cruz in Texas during his travel to Cancun. As a result of the cold snap, numerous households were left without power. 

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The media attacked him harshly because of his bad optics of going on a vacation in a time of disaster. 

As always, Cruz has the advantage and thinks about everything. 

He was landing back in Huston while wearing an Andrew Cuomo mask. 

When the media realized he was there, they were deceived. Cruz received numerous apologies. The press shouldn’t criticize his trip at all. 

Using his New York- Italian accent, he greeted the journalists and represented himself as Governor Andrew Cuomo. The reason why he was there was ‘’to kill some senior citizens.’’ 

Once he justified his trip, the journalist started apologizing, and Cruz’s answer was: 

‘’Mamma mia!’’

After his appearance in front of the reporters, they started creating op-eds about his intelligent move to leave Texas in the cold. 

Some of the commentaries were,‘’ could he do anything braver than travel to Cancun? ‘’ 

He became a synonym of the light at the end of the tunnel. 

This way, the journalists justified his trip and supported his rest plan. 

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