McDonald’s – The All American Company BANNED From Employing White People On Top Positions

McDonald’s has a perfect strategy for financial success and human resources management. They are based upon strict rules, turning the back towards the American First standards.

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McDonald’s company executives’ bonuses will be shortened if they hire white people for better places.

The company’s politics allows them to include every type of person and have employees from minority groups and immigrants. This company will have employees from all races and types in the future.

Besides. they will eliminate all the stereotypes.

“From 2021, the Company incorporates quantitative human capital management-related metrics to annual incentive compensation for its Executive Vice Presidents.”

When 2025 ends, 35% of the workers in higher positions will include minority groups. This metric in 2020 was 29%.

In a Washington Examiner report for this theme, the company said they would add up to a 15% bonus for applying and reaching this goal.

“Inclusion Index” is the metric for these targets! McDonald promotes EQUALITY!

Of course, haters are around. Some people don’t agree with this decision.

Some people doubt in this program. For example, Celine Ryan suggested renaming the company in “McQuotas.”, other people also commented.

On Twitter she wrote:

“But even those who place value in the concepts of ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ have repeatedly pointed out that these types of hiring quotas are misguided at best, and empty performances at worst, with unintended negative consequences.”

I am asking myself:

Promoting diversity and starting discrimination to the home nation, can you see the difference?

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