Massive Victory Against COVID Measures In The UK, Boris Johnson Announces Major Restriction Changes [VIDEO]

COVID mandates destroyed the world

People can’t stop talking about vaxx mandates. There’s an ongoing debate about the pandemic. The whole thing is wrapped in controversy.

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Now we have the Omicron variant. Do you enjoy the hysteria?

The situation in UK is different. Boris Johnson made a big announcement regarding COVID passports, working from home, and mask mandates.

Johnson stood in front of the Parliament and talked about the end of many mandates and regulations. Kids will no longer wear masks in schools. COVID passports will be gone. Masks will disappear from our sights, too.

There’s more. The Prime Minister said that people will soon go back to their normal lives. He encouraged people to trust the system.

Check out this video on Rumble.

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Source: Red Voice Media

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