MASSIVE MyPillow Orders Cause Delays as “BUYcott” Sends Company To New Records!

This is what patriots can do when we stick together!

So many patriots have supported Mike Lindell and his company, MyPillow, that orders are now DELAYED!

No… they’re not delayed because of incompetence or anything like that…

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They’re delayed because the company was OVERWHELMED with an outpouring of support!

Far left radicals like to boycott. And patriots like to buycott. Far left activists thought that they had destroyed MyPillow.

Many major brands cut ties with Lindell’s company.

But it doesn’t matter because patriots from all over the country are buying these products en masse!

If you attempt to purchase MyPillow right now, your order will go through.

But… You will receive an email with the following text:

Dear MyPillow Customer,

Due to the overwhelming support for MyPillow we are extremely behind on getting orders shipped out. We are working around the clock to get everyone’s orders out as fast as we can. Right now, there could be up to a 2-week delay.

Everyone at MyPillow is so thankful for your continued support and patience.


This is EXACTLY how the free market is supposed to work.

Despite the ugliness of cancel culture, people are out-maneuvering the left and buying MyPillow directly from the company!

See a customer’s screenshot of the email below:

Have you bought MyPillow to support the company?

We have!

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And the product is truly incredible!

By supporting Mike Lindell, we can send a clear message to liberals AND massive corporations telling them that we will NOT be intimidated by their bullying tactics!

The latest blow is that SNL has brutalized Mike Lindell.

It might even be worse than Tina Fey’s horrendous “portrayal” of Sarah Palin.

According to Mashable:

Of the many Donald Trump adherents who debased themselves on the national stage, few did it with as much aplomb and enthusiasm than the martial law-espousing MyPillow CEO, Mike Lindell.

No one does Lindell’s special breed of absurdity better than Saturday Night Live’s Beck Bennett. In this appears on Weekend Update, Bennett-as-Lindell professes his undying love for pillows as he leans in on the same toxic 2020 election rhetoric and lies that turned the real-life MyPillow guy’s business into a commercial pariah.

You can watch the mean-spirited “comedy” routine below:

Does this make you angry?

Forget about boycotts… Instead… BUYcott MyPillow!

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