Man Films Outside White House….”What Is Being Built Next To The White House?”

The US President and his activities around the White House have always gained interest, and this time citizens talk about the mysterious building in front of Joe Biden’s home

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Some people tend to ignore stories linked to the US President, claiming they lack solid information and sources. The mass media does not cover most of the stories. Should we be worried right now?

Well, we would definitely like to ask one question. What’s that building in front of the White House?

Here it is:

And more:

More pics:

Is this some sort of a prison? People believe this may be temporary holding cells. One of the comments on social media posts suggests that this is “temporary holding cells with watchtower on all ends… Military prison camp, tribunals will be held here! And executions…” Ouch!

If you are an optimist, you would say this is a press stand from Joe Biden’s Inauguration. Why is it still here? It is February and they should have taken it down by now. The US President is working with a lot of people, so it does not make sense.

There is a person from D.C. who has been reading about this construction for quite some time. This person read all the comments online and decided to take a video. At least someone had the courage to do it.

Watch this video and make your own story:

There is also a video of Vice President Kamala Harris’ empty house.

What’s the point here? Ask more questions and try to see the truth. Do not ignore the obvious.

When it comes to the White House, residents (read: first family) do not pay their rent. Living there is rent-free. Paying all the upkeep and utilities would seriously harm the President’s budget. According to Zillow, the home has an estimated value of $397 million. This is the most famous home in the nation!

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