Maj Toure Reveals: Where The Second Amendment Has Been Effectively Eroded???

Maj Toure highlighted the conversion that needs to be done so the conservatism and firearm ownership move further on with expanding into the black community.

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He is the founder of the Second Amendment advocacy organization Black Gun Matter.
This community obtained an olive branch recently because the Trump administration wanted to expand the conservative coalition. But the conservatives didn’t want to keep evidence of what worked and what didn’t work regarding the messaging, which made organizers uncertain if the gains would persist.

Toure said that they deal with basic firearm safety and conflict resolution only in zones where the leftist media neglected. Also, he said that they noticed colossal prosperity among black male millennials during Trump’s mandate.

They have to seek answers for the hard questions like how did that translate.

“What do we do with conservatives where it didn’t continue to spread? “


Toure dedicated numerous years to traveling the nation to speak to Americans for their constitutional rights, responsibility.
Black Guns Matter (2016), educated black Americans and firearm-averse individuals. They learned more about the racist underpinnings of modern gun control policy.

In 2017, for an article for The Hill, David Kopel from the libertarian Independent Institute, and Joseph Greenlee from the pro-Second Amendment Firearms Policy Coalition, said that the post-Civil War South was the” racist origin of gun control laws.”

On the other side, we have the publication of Slate. The laws in Southern states wanted to keep the black Americans away from guns; those are the source of current gun control laws.

These laws left numerous black Southerners at Ku Klux Klan’s mercy.

Many decades later, overt legal discrimination was done with strict firearm licensing and registration laws that limited legal firearm access in the largest metropolitan zones. This made the process of adopting a firearm very complex and expensive.

The complex and expensive process of owning a license resulted in MGM’s presence in American’s inner-city communities. This followed some of the most officer-involved shootings and riots. Toure, together with his team, gives hands-on firearm education!

Toure explained his actions:
“The NRA is going to do what the NRA does. As the founder of Black Guns Matter, we know that there’s an area where we’ve been light — we’ve been light on the Second Amendment, and this is in urban centers. And that’s exactly why the Second Amendment has been effectively eroded to a certain extent.”

“I would love to reach out to the NRA again. You know, I was a member for a very long time. I would love to reach out to them again to figure out how they can assist in our work right now because we’re splintered. The left or extreme left — still our American brothers and sisters — are attacking it, or outside entities are financing people to splinter further our separation. And that’s very important that we work together in that regard,”

Besides, regarding the Second Amendment, the urban centers must be powerful!

They have to provide support for people who do the work of responsible gun ownership.

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