Maine Doctor Lost License! He Has To Undergo Psych Evaluation For Treating C-19 Patients With Ivermectin And ‘Spread C-19 Misinformation’’

Dr. Meryl Nass was suspended

The Maine doctor has over 40 years of experience. She is unable to do her job because her license was suspended. Wonder why? Some people don’t like the fact that she spreads COVID misinformation and uses ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat her patient.

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Dr. Nass was ordered to pass a neuropsychological evaluation.

“The information received by the Board demonstrates that Dr. Nass is or may be unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety to her patients by reason of mental illness, alcohol intemperance, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, or as a result of a mental or physical condition interfering with the competent practice of medicine,” the evaluation order says.

Dr. Nass was really loud during the pandemic. She is one of the many experts who busted Fraudci for his lies.

The Board of Licensure in Medicine shared a list of allegations against the doctor. The board says that Dr. Nass was spreading misinformation online. Now she is investigated for her comments against the Biden regimen.

Bangor Daily News reported:

A state licensing board’s decision this week to suspend an Ellsworth doctor is part of a growing national trend of disciplinary actions against medical professionals accused of spreading misinformation about COVID-19.

On Wednesday, the Board of Licensure in Medicine released a lengthy list of allegations against Dr. Meryl Nass as part of the order temporarily suspending her ability to practice medicine in the state pending a deeper investigation.

The board’s preliminary inquiry alleges Nass repeatedly failed to follow basic “standards of practice” during telemedicine appointments with COVID-19 patients and admitted to lying to a pharmacist to obtain drugs not authorized to treat the disease. The board also quoted 17 public statements from Nass questioning the safety of COVID vaccines and espousing conspiracy theories about the government’s pandemic response.

Another physician, Dr. Paul Gosselin of Waterville, also had his license suspended last month by the osteopathic board over allegations of spreading misinformation and other potential misconduct. Because of confidentiality rules, however, it is unclear how many other COVID-related complaints regulators have received.

Keep in mind that 67 Ivermectin C-19 controlled studies have shown a 67% improvement in COVID patients.

There’s more. About 298 HCQ studies have shown a 64% improvement in COVID patients.

A state licensing board’s decision has suspended an Ellsworth doctor.

How far will these people go?

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Source: The True Defender

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