Maher Brutally Slams Dems Over Border Crisis: “They Don’t Address The Border And Don’t Have A Plan For It.”

Americans have to be informed!

HBO’s Bill Maher is a libertarian, and that’s why he can call out the Dems and their weaknesses destroying America!

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In the past few years, maybe we were weighting more on the libertarian side regarding some situations because we were calling out both sides. It was easier to do so.

This Friday night, Maher criticized the Dems for the border crisis, and I think he said everything very correctly! No one cares if he attacked the right, too, because he is also slamming the left.

He said: “It’s interesting. Because I keep reading about the Build Back Better bill, they want — we can’t — we don’t have enough workers, even if we passed it tomorrow. And because of all these supply chain problems, we don’t have building supplies. So, how are we going to build back better if we have no workers and no supplies?”

“It’s a good idea, though. It’s always a good idea.” He added.

Americans have to be informed about everything that is happening in America! Many people are falsely informed due to the MSM fake news.

We know that the border situation is a crisis, but the Americans have to know that. The MSM media says that the situation is under control, but that’s false.

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