MAGA – Kanye West Backs Trump, Trashes TikTok, Cancel Culture, And Abortion Founder Margaret Sanger

Ye appeared on the Drink Champs podcast to talk about several topics

Yes, Ye talked about the COVID-19 pandemic, God, politics, the NBA, and his relationship with Kobe Bryant. The Grammy winner opened up about his marriage and the cancel culture.

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When it comes to the pandemic, Ye said he has only taken one shot, suggesting he is “halfcinated.”

The rapper discussed the subject of abortion.

Ye didn’t think twice before reaffirming his support for President Donald Trump. The rapper said he was “over” to be canceled and he even trashed the crowd mentality behind #metoo. Companies like Tic Tac and those owned by social media got their share too.

“I still have a red hat today. I’ll let you know. Maybe I didn’t get it, but I’ll let you know where I am, ”Ye said about an hour after a 144-minute interview with rapper Noreaga and DJ EFN on their Drink champions spectacle.

Ye criticized Planned Parenthood’s racist founder, Margaret Sanger, and encouraged African-Americans to walk away from Democrats. Some people didn’t like the comments Ye made.

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Ye was just like all the US citizens who wanted to be left alone. This man refused to back down. He is still fighting. It’s time to Make America Great Again.

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