Look What Happened to Jim Acosta Today When He Followed Trump to The Border (VIDEO)

If you had a bad day, make sure you watch the video of Jim Acosta make a fool out of himself, and it will instantly raise your spirits!

Today, President Trump went to the disastrous border with Governor Gregg Abbott.

No, he didn’t go to the “safe part” right next to the airport, like Kamala, but he showed her what a good leader should do instead. Once again.

After assessing the total mess Biden and his vice president have managed to create, he asked one crucial question:

Does Biden actually want open borders, or is he just incompetent?

Sadly, both options are detrimental to America’s future as a sovereign nation.

Therefore, President Trump suggested that Biden should take a “cognitive test,” adding that he doubted that he’d pass.

That’s obvious, to be honest!

However, considering the experience of his sham administration in tricks, manipulation, and corruption, in the end, the “test results” would be altered to appear that he’s the most mentally fit man in the universe!

President Trump’s trip was great, and during the entire time, he was the epitome of strength and leadership – something we badly miss since he was removed from office.

Yet, one of the best parts of his trip was the moment when CNN’s biggest showboating clown, Jim Acosta, tried to shout a question about January 6th at him!

At the same moment, the entire crowd of people (mostly congressional members) drowned him completely out with a chorus of loud boos!

Watch it below:

Let’s admit it, Jimmy, this is surely the most attention you have gotten since President Trump was in the White House!

Since President Trump was removed from office, CNN has lost over half its viewers, so this might explain why they are now sending their flunkies to follow Trump around like a puppy!



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