LOOK UP: Chemtrails Explained…(And Exposed)

You have been warned!

Chemtrails caught our attention long ago. We keep watching these massive chemtrails on the sky, making an “X” formation.

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Yes, someone is trying to say these are “frozen water vapors.”

These things are actually known as “contrails” which is short for “condensation trails.” However, they are short and evaporate right away.

Chemtrails are much different. They stay on the sky for a long time. They spread over the entire sky and stick around for a while. Chemtrails are sprayed in an X or cross-hatch pattern. We are getting maximum coverage, huh? They are packed with aluminum, barium, graphene, and other heavy metals. Oh, yes, they have graphene, too. These are toxic, remember?

Elitists spray this every day, claiming that we destroy the ozone layer.


What about COVID?

Biolabs in Ukraine, China, and other countries?

The mainstream media plays the perfect role. Let’s stir things up!

Here’s how things work. They create a problem and use the MSM to shove it up in our heads. Next, the come up with a “solution,” making everything worse.

Sick people!

Dane Wigington and Sean from SGT Report talked about this.

Watch this video on Rumble.

Watch this short video to see things right.

I guess “compartmentalization” explains most of the stuff the government kept secret. Just a few people know the truth. We all have to play the roles they gave us.

Ever heard of “geo-engineering”?

Watch it on Rumble.

Let’s dig up some dirt. Let’s expose them. Protect your future!

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