LOOK: Newly Uncovered Emails Reveal Wisconsin Elections Officials Bragging About The Steal


Maybe there is another way to interpret these emails and not understand them as bragging about election stealing. It is only perhaps, and if my opinion matters, I think that’s impossible.

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One email from between two election officials in Wisconsin bragging about a batch of ballots coming in the precise vote numbers to change the race for Biden.

See below:

And now you can see the zoomed-in part of the mail.

What do they think when they say drop and roll? It is for the process of dropping boxes full of ballots to a particular place and then rolling them to the machines a couple of times.

Take a look at the video on Rumble.

It surfaced because the rest of the election workers went home! It happened at 10:30 pm.

It reminds many people of the moment when Chris Wallace told Martha MacCallum: “they’re normal people Martha, they have to go home.”

Watch the video below:

It was smug and rude! Never in the history of the U.S. had the election stopped at 10:30 pm because people were tired and had to go home!

It’s ridiculous.

Now, we have exposed them bragging about precisely that:

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