LOOK AT THIS: Dan Scavino Just Tweeted Out An Epic Teaser

Donald Trump is coming back

We hear from the former President once in a while and now is the perfect time to share the latest update.

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Trump is hitting the big stage, and we can’t wait for his rallies to begin. Get ready for some action. The whole thing will start next month!

Lines of people will wait to hear the President talk. The real President of the United States. Joe Biden has a different story to tell. People didn’t want to get any near him. Liberals keep saying that he is the most “beloved” politician in US history but that’s not true.

No one would support an old man with dementia who destroys those who trust him.

Trump’s rallies are as popular as rock shows. He is a star, remember? His return gives us joy and we can’t wait for him to come back. The best showman in US history and we love him!

Dan Scavino took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Trump’s return.

Trump will spread the good word and Biden’s supporters will change their minds. It’s time to take Biden out of the Oval Office. It’s time to put Trump on the throne again.

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Source: The True Defender

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