Local Man Who First Found Tiger Woods Gives New Unexpected Info About The Crash

We were told Tiger was awake and responding to questions when the news of his crash first appeared.

Yet, that apparently was not true. Tiger was anything but “alert,” the local resident who discovered him says. He was unconscious and absolutely unresponsive when the man attempted to wake him up.

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There’s a lot of strange things in connection to this case – we just found out yesterday that the Sheriff’s department has received an apparent “illegal” search warrant to get their hands on Tiger’s car’s “black box.”

My guess is this is because they believe the accident was a result of “distracted” driving, concretely Tiger falling asleep behind the wheel. At least, that’s what the conclusion from slew of Sunday Morning experts is.

A local resident was the first to arrive at the golf legend’s crash scene, and he told investigators that he found Tiger Woods unconscious.

As an affidavit filed by L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Johann Schloegl says, the bystander said he noticed the crash near Rolling Hills Estates and went there curious to discover where the noises were coming from, according to TMZ.

After the crash, the man said he attempted to rouse him, but Woods was unresponsive.

However, the golfer did recover consciousness quickly, as L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy Carlos Gonzalez wrote in his report that by the time he got at the specific location, the five-time Masters tournament winner was reacting to questions.

As the police records claim, Tiger Woods did not appear to be under the influence of narcotics or alcohol.

Deputy Schloegl added that the data contained in his 2021 GV80’s “black box” might help make things clearer about the happenings at the time of the single-car crash. Officials are said to have acquired a search warrant in order to gain access to this information.

Until now, Woods’ fans are told by Sheriff Alex Villanueva of Los Angeles County that Tiger will not face criminal charges. The sheriff believes the incident was an accident rather than a crime.

Villanueva is acting as there are no suspicions against Tiger of any “illegal” activity, but something is just not normal.

It is a known fact that Tiger is a close friend of President Trump, so let’s hope there aren’t any “partisan agendas” at work here.

In my opinion it is not so strange to be worried; after all, in the past 5 years America has been a huge politicized mess.

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