LISTEN: Leaked Audio Of Britney Spears’ Hearing Is Released…What She Says Will Literally Blow You Away

Plot twist…

What’s going on?

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Britney Spears is making the biggest headlines these days…

We are not even talking about Britney’s music. The whole things goes way beyond that. The entertainment industry pressed Britney against the wall and destroyed her life.

Poor Britney has to work, take birth control and do everything her father wants her to do. She has zero control over her life. Why are they allowing this?

Britney has been under full control from her father for 13 long years. The entertainment industry played a big role in her nightmare. Britney went through so much in the past decade. They even forced her to pretend she is happy. It was an order!

Well, Britney is not happy. She is frustrated. She begs judges to remove the “conservatorship.” The truth is already here. They can no longer hide it. Britney spoke for the very first time. She talked about all the things that happened to her.

Will they set her free?

How and why did this happen to her? We really hope that other people don’t go through this mess.

No one should be forced to use birth control and work.

Britney is a “slave.” It’s time to set her free.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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