Liberal Woman Shocked That Her Parents Won’t Get Vaccinated To Attend Her Wedding

What’s wrong with people?

Amy Bettys was really shocked after hearing that her parents won’t get the jab to attend her wedding.

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The Brooklyn woman went crazy.

Bettys is probably a liberal. I mean, she has her “pronouns” listed in the bio.

So, this lady took to Twitter to complain how her mom and dad won’t attend her wedding because they don’t want to get the experimental jab.

“My parents just told me they are choosing to not attend my wedding rather than be vaccinated and AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”

Man’s gotta do what man’s gotta do…

This lady also thanked everyone who supported her and offered to “stand in” instead of her parents during the ceremony.

What’s wrong with people?

Several “Twitter physicians” also offered to speak to her mom and dad.

So, they’ll try to force people to get the vaccine? I don’t understand…

She said, “even w/o the NYC vax mandate, I would want them to be vaxxed, but I am focusing on accepting what I can’t change…”

Liberals will tear families down…

Here’s what people said online:

“Smart parents.”

“if  you’re vaccinated, who cares what they do?” 

“Hate to sound like I have a hard heart, but put them in your rear view mirror and build a fantastic life with your new family”

“So sorry for you. That is heart breaking. I wish we could all sue Faux News for breaking families apart with propaganda that is literally killing people.”

“Can’t they just get tested? If they don’t have COVID why isn’t that good enough?”

“Your parents sound sane, you on the other hand, not so much” 

“Tell your parents they can come hang out with me, they sound awesome” 

“Fox News is destroying this country” 

“Smart. Drop your stupid wedding mandates. Their bodies, their choice right?”

“Did you even give them the option to get tested instead of the vaccine, or does that not help the “poor me” image you want on Twitter.”

“I feel sorry for this ladies husband, he should get out now, while he can” 

We all know someone who got COVID. Twice. The first time it came accompanied by serious symptoms. It wasn’t that hard in round 2.

Let’s not forget that the chances of survival are higher than 99.8%.

People would step over their families to support the fake propaganda…

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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