“LET THEM DIE”; ER Doctor Has No Mercy For People Who Don’t Wear Masks

ER doctor tweets that the country can no longer “ waste” its energy on people who do not wear masks during the pandemic. 

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The greater number of Americans employed in the health care industry are talented, warm, compassionate individuals who, regardless of their outstandingly difficult job, really do want the best for their patients.

Still, every rule has an exception- in medicine, too.

Now that the vaccine production has started and they are publicly distributed, some people— including some healthcare providers — give themselves the right to determine who gets the vaccines, based on their own beliefs and actions.

The Daily Caller revealed more details:

“An emergency room doctor posted a Twitter thread saying the country cannot “waste our energy” on those who do not wear masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cleavon Gilman uses the Twitter handle Cleavon MD and posted a 15-second video credited to an NBC reporter that showed people not wearing masks in a Naples, Florida, supermarket. He commented, “Naples, Florida. Let’em die. I’m so tired of these people. No vaccines for y’all.”

The tweet was deleted later, but screenshots live forever:

The tweet was a response from the ‘good doctor’ to an NBC News report Wednesday that presented a grocery store that does not enforce the wearing of a mask.

Naturally, Cleavon was called out, and this was his response after that:

“When you don’t wear a mask, refuse to socially distance, and get infected with COVID… that’s what happens.. you get hypoxic and then you die. Unfortunately, these selfish people will kill many others doing their best to avoid COVID along the way. 11 months over 500,000 dead.”


Over this year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have witnessed many changes in America, and most of us have never expected them to take place.

Just think about it- Orders to stay at home; forced business closures (for some but not all); public health mandates such as wearing masks; blocking the indoor church services.

Many of these measures, if not all, are flagrantly unconstitutional, and still, most Americans obeyed them because, like most healthcare workers, we have compassion for our fellow citizens, friends, and neighbors.

Yet, during all these hard times, Americans have been fooled, manipulated, and deceived by people they had faith in.

Our country’s lead immunologist, Dr. Tony Fauci, has moved goalposts, again and again, made poor judgments, and evidently lied to us about the spreading ability of the virus, and facts like the efficacy and necessity of wearing a mask.

So it’s clear and expected that tens of millions of Americans, a year in, are doubtful, angry, and sick and tired not only as a result of the pandemic but because of the authorities and their decisions which are often untenable and meaningless.

That being said, the one positive thing throughout all of this is that former President Donald Trump and his administration had the awareness to organize a whole-of-government approach to the development of the COVID- 19 vaccine.

“Operation Warp Speed” was enormously successful by any parameter.

The process resulted in not one, but a pair of vaccines, and in record time, after Trump cleaned the burdensome regulatory brush and allowed the industry to take the lead with the government supporting it.

When it comes to Cleavon’s statements on letting people without masks to “die”, he should be reminded that there are no “public health exemptions” in the Constitution.

Moreover, the truth is that viruses are going to spread and infect, but all the rules, obligations, mask mandates, and other nonsense we have practiced and respected so far, have not stopped the spread of COVID-19, and this is a fact.

When it comes to him personally, he’s a bit too cynical at this point in his career, we would all agree. Maybe he should rethink his aspirations, and choose a different career.

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