Lara Logan Rapid Fires Truth Bombs On Ukraine Propaganda & The Democrat Narratives Of The Day [VIDEO]

Lara Logan as a war correspondent and journalist, has had a fascinating career while she worked with CBS and Fox News.

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She reported on topics that the MSM won’t speak of. It’s the type of commitment that led to her being released from Fox News in 2022.

While news outlets labeled her as a conspiracy theorist, she continued to report the news and debate problems like C-19, the Biden admin, and the reason why Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine.

The Americans have seen Biden stating Putin was a butcher and madman. Outlets like MSNBC and CNN have helped push the story that the world has to support Ukraine, even though it is a catalyst for the next world war.

Logan confessed, “We’re being corralled into this box where we either have to pick Vladimir Putin and believe everything evil that is said about him and love Ukraine, and there’s no in-between. And that reminds me a lot of you’re either a white supremacist, or you go with the Democrat narrative on everything under the sun.” She added, “These days, it’s hard to believe anything because they’ve lied about COVID. They lied about Russian collusion. They lied about the Ukraine impeachment trial. And there’s so much more going on in Ukraine that nobody is talking about Ukraine.”

She explained, “My job as a journalist is to try to understand what is the truth here. I don’t like being lied to. And we’re being lied to on an epic scale. When we’re told your only choices, you have to be 100% with Zelinskyy, who’s a puppet, who you can find on the internet in black stilettos and leather pants. Zelinsky was selected, like so many of our leaders, and honestly, with big tech and with election fraud these days, we don’t know how many leaders all around the world have been selected for us.”

The journalist warned, “We are fighting the same battles all over the world to pretend that this war is about Russia and Ukraine is a lie. Putin has been warning for 15 years that he is not going to stand by while the globalists take over the world, build bioweapons facilities, and whatever else they’re doing in Ukraine. Ukraine has been a center of money laundering for many of the leaders in this country. Billions of US dollars have been laundered through Ukraine. And we say nothing about it. Just nobody questioned these things.”

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