Kirstie Allie Says Her Own Battle With COVID “Woke” Her Up To What’s Really Going On…

Kirstie Alley has something to say about COVID-19

Alley got COVID-19 and decided to share some details of her “battle with the deadly virus.” This experience changed her perspective for good.

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COVID-19 is just like every other virus. I mean, viruses are everywhere around us, remember?

Once you get a virus, your body feels weak and you feel exhausted. Your appetite is gone and you have fever.

COVID-19 looks and “attacks” like a virus, but there’s something off about it. According to Alley, it’s a “bio weapon.” She felt really strange throughout the recovery.

Here’s what she said:

“Would never …… ever.. luckily or unluckily I just got over Covid.. and can honestly say it’s a bio weapon🤷‍♀️ if you’ve had it you know what I’m talking about. Weirdest shit on Earth

Mine lasted 20 days and really sucked. I was lucky it didn’t go into my lungs. Just all my joints and muscles. It is super creepy like nothing I’ve experienced .. bio weapon”

Millions of people who got the virus can identify with Alley’s comments.

Here’s what other Twitter users wrote:

Same. I had it 3/20 lasted 23 days. Was a slow burn, nothing like ever I ever had, not the worst cold ever but deff the weirdest. Niacin 1000mg Got rid of my cough that lasted until July 2020. Rid of my cough in 1 day.”

“My sister had it. She said it’s like covid attacks your weaknesses, she’s always had migraines and backaches so when she had it she had even more terrible headaches and it’s like her back was being ripped into shreds that she wanted to just cut herself open.”

“I’ve said that from day 1. I had it in February, 2020 before people knew what it was. My oxygen levels were in the low 80’s but I wasn’t short of breath so the nurses told me their machines must just need charging. Sent me home with antibiotics and told me to buy Claritin.”

“I said it was the weirdest sick I have ever been. Seemed more neurological to me than a virus. I had bad headaches and was crazy tired. I felt dizzy and lost taste and smell. At no time though did I think I was deathly ill and am fine now.”

COVID-19 is a virus. A weird virus. A manufactured virus.

There’s nothing natural about it. It’s a man-made virus. Simple as that.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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