Kirstie Alley Just Gave Every Single American Best Advice When It Comes To Watching The News

Things would be much better without the fake media

Donald Trump tried to expose these guys, but they still have a lot of power.

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The mainstream media helps liberals in their COVID-19 program. They tried really hard to plant fear in our bones.

Do you watch the news on CNN? These guys will make you believe that people will COVID-19 will die one way or another.

We really deserve decent media.

The mainstream media made us panic. It shuts down our hopes and dreams. Wonder why? It helps them earn a lot of money.

Enter Kirstie Alley.

The conservative actress took to Twitter to deliver the ultimate advice for all Americans.

She wrote, “If you want to have a beautiful day, don’t watch the news….for a few years.”

We’d definitely take this advice. We’d definitely avoid watching the news.

Some Americans prefer Fox News over CNN, but they went after Trump and decent Americans turned their backs on the network. The 2020 presidential election was even worse.

Instead of watching TV, you really need to pay attention to the truth.

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Source: Wayne Dupree

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