Kirstie Alley Has Had It With Anti-American Olympians, And She’s Calling Them Out

Kristie, we are together!

You can classify me in the category of people who have never missed one Olympic year, from the beginning until the end.

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But, this today is a disaster because of the Activist Athletes.

I adored watching the Olympics because it was an escape from ordinary life, politics, bickering, and PC nonsense.

The Olympics was full of great athletes, amazing human stories, and beautiful lands. But now, the activist athletes are ruining everything.

However, today, the Olympics are just like watching Fox News and CNN. Everything is politics! And I am done with it!

Bear in mind that I am not alone!

Kristie Alley, a Pro-Trump actress, shared her disappointment in the athletes and tweeted:

” Will never donate to the US Olympic committee as long as we have our own athletes going into other countries protesting our country..get over yourselves …the Disloyalty is mind-boggling.”

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Below you can see the comments.

“Unfortunately for those athletes who are proud Americans the Olympics are now tarnished. Who’s even watching now?”

“They don’t know what they have”

“I’d rather watch paint dry than watch that communist Olympics”

“If you’re somewhere representing your family, your church, your city, your company, your nation, etc. you should have the class to honor rather than disparage them”

“This is exactly why I stopped watching NFL and NBA”

“I am actually rooting for these spoiled commies to lose. GO SWITZERLAND!”

“They shouldn’t even be on the team if they are going to do that!”

“They don’t deserve the opportunity to represent our great nation! They should all be disqualified and replaced with athletes who really want to be there!!”

“Maybe they should stay in China. I’m sure they’ll want to come home as soon as possible. All these people need a little distance so their heart grows fonder and they appreciate what they have here in the US.”

What do you think?

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