Kim Clement’s TWO PRESIDENTS Prophecy

Kim Clement knew it

Americans will always remember his prophecies. This man was telling the truth. His prophecies are here to remind us that this great man was right about each and every prediction he had.

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In this article we will discuss the prophecy of the Two Presidents.

It happened in the Bibble. David and Saul, remember? I guess Donald Trump and Joe Biden are making another similar story.

We got a nice video from Donné Clement Petruska, Kim’s daughter:

It’s also available on Rumble.

Trey Smith is always able to break it down like a pro. Many would say this is the best video he has ever made.

First, he started with Clement’s prophecy about the Two Presidents.

Smith is able to see the tiniest details in each story.

Try not to ignore this prophecy.

Smith added that there will be “pandemonium in the White House.” Rings a bell?

People in the White House don’t belong there.

Smith mentioned David and Goliath and also spoke about the Robinhood story.

In the second half, Smith mentioned two prophecy videos from Clement. We have never seen these before. He probably got the videos from Donne.

Clement said that Trump would disappear for some time. He also mentioned that Americans would even say “this man is not speaking enough.” Oh yes!

It’s all Spring and Fall!

The other Clement prophecy predicts another Snowden arising with “highly embarrassing information.”

Are you all waiting for the Miracle Red Sea Moment?

Check this video on Rumble.

Here’s what people said online:

The last comment caught our attention. Will Elon join the good side?

Mark Taylor was talking about this.

There’s more… We thought you’d love to watch these videos. You don’t want to miss this.

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